Benefits to In-Home Care

As a pet owner, you are all about what is best for your beloved furry baby. You feed him the best food you can afford. You lavish her with squeaky toys, meaty treats and cushy beds.

Spoil them even more with personalized in-home care from The Sitters. Your pet will so appreciate being able to stay at home in the comfort of his own surroundings and routine. You’ll appreciate our affordable price, the reduced stress on your pet and the simplicity of no longer having to drop off/pick up your pet from the boarder.

Benefits to Pet

  • Stays on normal eating and elimination routine
  • Feels safer because they are in a familiar environment
  • Not exposed to parasites or diseases from other animals
  • Receives individual attention from us (petting, brushing, walking, etc)

Benefits to You

  • Peace of mind that comes from leaving your pet in the care of someone who truly cares for animals
  • No longer necessary to impose on friends, family and neighbors for pet care
  • Your home is more secure with added preventative measures that we provide at no extra charge