Our Story

Why a petsitting business?

The Sitters began as a way for me to contribute to the family budget while still having the flexibility to ‘stay home’ and homeschool our daughter. She and I juggled pet visits and lessons together for over a decade until she decided to hang up her leash and pursue her dream of owning her own photography business. These days, it’s just me full-time and my husband pitches in evenings, weekends, and holidays. Somewhere along the way, The Sitters became more than a job; it is the way our family chooses to live. Yes, I love my job because of the sweet furry faces but what I love more is that I am able to help people.

Here’s how …

Planned Trips

Most of the time clients call weeks, sometimes months, in advance; ensuring that they can enjoy a scheduled vacation or business trip knowing that their pets are safe at home. I love these types of pet visits. You plan and that allows me to plan. But sometimes I get a call that’s out of the norm …

Unplanned Emergencies

  • Like when a client calls me totally last minute, stressed, in a rush, frantic to get to a sick, dying or deceased relative/friend.
  • Or when a client has been rushed to the hospital with chest pains and is more worried about her dogs than her own medical condition.
  • Or when a client goes on a weekend trip and car trouble turns it into a week-long stay while they wait on parts. Who feeds the cats?
  • Or a client who leaves the dog home and drives 2 hrs to pick up someone at the airport. Only to find out that the flight is cancelled until much later in the day. It’s a pain to drive home, only to drive back. But who lets the dog out for a potty break?

These are all true stories that really happened to our clients. In all these cases, the clients were thankful that I had a house key, knew the pets’ routines and feeding schedules. All it took was a phone call to The Sitters and my client’s minds were set at ease. Knowing that I’m able to reduce their stress even just a bit by caring for their pets makes my job worthwhile.