If it weren’t for those darn opposable thumbs preventing our furry clients from using a keyboard, we could hear it straight from them 🙂

7 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. We found The Sitters when we first moved here almost 6 years ago. My Boy Harley has separation anxiety and hates to be in pens. Jennifer takes such good care of him and our other dog Zoey. I have had neighbors tell me they saw them at my house for over 30 minutes. That is quality time with my pups. She has even given meds for me. I would not be able to travel without her kind attention to my loves. I am very thankful for her.

  2. And here we are 5 years later, still using Jennifer and Savannah, and loving everything they do for our babies. Thank you all so much. Annie

  3. I was thrilled the first time Jennifer and Savannah came to the house to “interview” my pets several years ago. I had never used in-home pet sitters before but am so comfortable leaving my animals in their care. I know they are well taken care of and loved while we are gone. They make leaving so much easier. Thank you all so much. And we’ll see you next week!

  4. Do you know how big of a relief it is to leave our furry family in the care of The Sitters and not have to worry about one single thing? A HUGE relief! We used to kennel our pups and they came home stressed and worn out. Now that we can leave them at home in the care of The Sitters they are happy and well cared for while we are gone. The Sitters have been a fantastic resource and are just a pleasure to work with. We secretly suspect that our crazy brood of pups actually looks forward to us going on vacation so they can play with Jennifer and Savannah;-)

  5. Nothing but GREAT things to say about the “sitters”
    You can go away on vacation and know your pets are well taken care of…

  6. The Sitters are the best! Jennifer and Savannah love my pets and my furry little children love them back. The Sitters are dependable and flexible. Some days are more hectic than others, we don’t get home when we planned – we called The Sitters – no problem. I highly recommend them!!

    Kathy (2009)

  7. We are SO grateful we found you folks. We have owned cats for many years and have had several old ones who needed regular medical treatments. Our last “old man” , Ashes, was so much more comfortable when we had to be away because The Sitters have the skills to care for him in his own home.

    Melanie, happy customer since 2007

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